Your go-to spot for answers to the burning questions you've been brickin' to ask.

Q: How soon can I have my hands on my custom BrickHead creation?

A: We totally feel your excitement to get cozy with your personalized BrickHead! Crafting these little brick wonders is like baking a cake – it takes around 10 working days to cook up the perfect recipe. Then, our trusty shipping fairies take over and dance through the delivery for about 12 to 21 calendar days. Now, we're not saying it's faster than a rocket, but it's definitely faster than walking there yourself. While we can't promise to break any land speed records, we can promise that your patience will be rewarded with a brick-tastic treasure that's uniquely yours!

Q: How does currency work on your website, especially for international buyers?

A: We've got you covered on the currency front! As you explore our site, we'll display prices in your local currency using real-time exchange rates – it's like having a personalized currency tour. But when the time comes to settle the bill, it's all in good old US dollars. We want to keep the payment process consistent and transparent for everyone, no matter where you're shopping from. So while the currency language stays the same during checkout, you can trust that your currency will be converted and processed seamlessly.

Q: What's the price tag?

A: The cost hinges on a few factors: the count of characters. To get a sense of what your masterpiece might cost, hop over to our Product Page and delve into the pricing details.

Q: What if I'm not thrilled with the final result? Is there a limit to revisions?

A: Your happiness is our main gig! If you're not doing cartwheels over the first draft, no sweat – we offer unlimited revisions. We'll keep at it until your custom creation is just the way you envisioned.

Q: What's the deal if I'm not jumping for joy even after revisions? What about refunds?

A: We're all about making you smile! But if, for some reason, the artistic stars don't align, fear not. You've got a golden ticket for a full refund within 30 days of receiving your treasure. Your happiness is the name of the game, and we've got your back 100%.

Q: Is there a specific quality you need for the photo I provide?

A: We're all about capturing those captivating features! A higher quality photo makes our artist's job smoother, leading to a spot-on illustration. But no need to fret – if we need something snappier, we'll drop you a line to ensure the artwork's on point. Your picture is worth a thousand bricks!

Q: Do I get charged for tweaking my order after it's set in stone?

A: We're all ears for your perfect vision! To make sure it's all smooth sailing, be sure to spill all the beans in your order notes. Anything not in there gets a creative twist by our artists – and if you want to mix it up after, a wee extra charge might come knocking. So, let's avoid surprise visits from the "change fee," shall we? Your detailed order is your VIP pass to a glitch-free experience!

Q: Is my country on your shipping map?

A: Drumroll, please – we're global! We've got shipping magic that reaches every corner of the world. So whether you're in Timbuktu or Tokyo, rest assured, we'll get your masterpiece to your doorstep. Brick happiness knows no bounds!